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Feelings of grief bubble up for Mikey as his Mother isn’t there to share a special moment with him. Mikey's Father, who knows what’s up, has a trick up his sleeve to help Mikey process his mourning. However, the trick works better than expected and leads Mikey's father to question if there is more to it than just pretend.

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Finn MacEachern

Finn MacEachern is a compassionate, energetic and brave boy from New Zealand. His first love is football, but he also plays many other sports, loves his family and friends, enjoys singing and dancing, hugs and making people laugh. When he grows up he wants to be a professional footballer and an actor. During the filming of Farewell, he was 6 years old.
Agent: LBF Kids & Teens Talent Agency

Francis Mountjoy

Francis Mountjoy first realized he wanted to be an actor when he was a small boy. He has now acted in many films -  The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002), Spartacus: War of the Damned (2010) and Power Rangers Megaforce (2013) to name a few. Apart from acting he enjoys long walks on the beach, sunsets, sunrises and double rainbows.
Agent: GCM Management

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Rune Kjelseth

Rune Kjelseth is a Norwegian model and photographer. After traveling the world for many years, he has now settled down in Helsinki, Finland. Part of Farewell was filmed among the mountains of his childhood hometown, Harstad.
Agent: Paparazzi & Ave Management
Blog: Nouw



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Vanessa Vandy - Writer, Director and Editor

Vanessa Vandy is a director and cinematographer. Her interest for filmmaking was sparked already at a young age. However, it wasn't until after helping out a few indie-films during her early twenties that she decided to take the leap into the film world. After learning the various film production skills one by one, she most recently started taking on the roll of the director.  Vanessa’s style of work is influenced by her international upbringing, having grown up in two countries - New Zealand and Finland.
IG: @vanessa.vandy

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Bertrand Remaut - Producer

Bertrand Remaut began his career in Paris, France after studying cinema, then moved to New Zealand, where he shoots commercials. He created Melopy Films in 2016 to support local film makers. He now writes, directs and produces short films, indie features and documentaries.
Website: Melopy Films


Filming Crew:

Cinematographers: Vanessa Vandy & Jasper Johnston

First AD, hair/makeup: Lola Bernard

Key grip, gaffer: Bryce Tobin

Sound recordist: Luis Shamir Rodriguez (Soundcloud)

Gaffer/grip assist: Marama Galuenga


Post Produciton:

Music: Ian Post

Colorist: Matic Prusnik (website, IG)

Sound post production: Luis Shamir Rodriguez  (Soundcloud)

Title design: Sonja Pennanen (Behance, IG)


Special Thanks to:

Simon Vandy

Prema Cottingham

Rosamund Britton

The Kjelseths

Pia Lehto

Jukka Lehto

Sophia Seaton

Nilza Mafla

Jess Vandy


Copyright © Melopy Films & Vivandy



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Finalist - One Screen Film Festival 2017 - New female director

Official Selection - Bermuda International Film Festival 2018

Winner - Auckland International Film Festival 2018 - Actor under 18

Official Selection - Filmshortage 2018, premiereing online on the 7th of June!



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Director's Statement

Thank you for visiting this page. This is my narrative debut film which we filmmakers scraped together during our free time. You may want to wait to read the next part until you've seen the film because there are a few spoilers here!

The project came about already mid 2016. I had just bought a Phantom 4 drone and was excited to take some scenic shots with it. Instead of taking shots in Helsinki where I live, I decided to go all-out and booked a trip to the mountains of Norway and applied for a drone flying license there. My actor friend Rune, who lived in Harstad at the time, agreed to pick out a few mountains that we would climb. However, after arriving in Norway I decided that I wanted to create something more than just scenic footage. During the evening prior to our second hike, I scrambled my brains and finally came up with the idea that made it into the final film. I had a half a year earlier lost two dear family members and had not had the chance to say goodbye to them in person before they passed away. It was therefore not surprising that this theme popped into my head.

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In loving memory of Joy and Jim


Hiking up a mountain with gear and supplies wasn't an easy task. I carried my drone and Sony a7sII camera package while Rune grabbed all the water bottles, food and other supplies. We started our hike at around 8am and were at the top of the mountain by a bit past noon after filming during a few stops along the way. At first it was looking as if the top of the mountain was going to be in clouds. However, luckily the clouds subsided before we arrived. Filming at the top of the mountain took about two hours and then we started our walk back. However, due to taking a longer route back (which we didn't know when we started the journey) it took us about 5 hours to get back down and several times were were climbing on all fours. It was quite an exhausting day carrying all of that gear up and down a mountain. However, we were all smiles by the evening because we had shot the footage we set out for.

Once the footage from Norway had been filmed I then started scripting the backstory in more detail. Since Finland (where I live most of the year) doesn't have all that many scenic hills, I decided to film the rest of the short film half a year later in New Zealand during a holiday that I had already planned on taking there. During March 2017, a one-day film shoot was organized with the help of producer Bertrand Remaut from Melopy Films. Bertrand gathered the whole cast, crew and locations.  The filming took place in beautiful Karekare and spanned about 6 hours. From morning till about 2pm it was pouring rain which made us question if we should move the filming till another day. However, it stopped right before our filming began at 3pm so we got lucky.

The editing process started already during the last part of my New Zealand trip and continued after I got back to Finland. The post production was done during the time in-between other projects and the collaboration was done over the web. Sonja (graphics) and I worked from Finland while Matic (colorist) and Shamir (sound post production) worked from New Zealand. The whole project got wrapped up during late summer 2017.

Much love,


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Behind-The-Scenes Photos


Vanessa Vandy
Writer & director

To get in touch with Vanessa, please fill out the form below:

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